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At EmailMiners, we design and strategize a “Lead Generation Machine” to turn your desired prospects into the most valuable customers.

You will get your calendar filled with qualified leads.

We leverage LinkedIn Lead Generation System, Sniper Targeted Prospecting.
Cold Email Machine.

You are a Startup, SAAS, Marketing Agency, IT services ready with your unique solutions, and you’re blowing up to share it with the world.

Brand awareness, reputation management, marketing strategy & business growth is officially your #1 priority.

Right now, it’s essential to pull up your socks and develop an outreach strategy that delivers a flow of qualified leads to your inbox.

You can do this by saving the cost of tools, talent, and training with EmailMiners.

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Do You Want to Setup
“Lead Generation Machine”?

B2B Lead Generation

At EmailMiners, we assure you that each lead you get from us has the potential to be your future customer. Our lead gen experts help you identify & engage leads. We leave the rest to your sales team to convert interested leads into clients.

B2B Sales Prospecting

Do you want to reach your ideal prospects inbox?
We help you meet FUTURE CLIENTS with our robust Sales prospecting strategy. Sales prospecting is the process of locating potential clientele for your products or services.

LinkedIn Lead Generation

Do you want to fill your calendar with ongoing leads via LinkedIn? If yes, you are at the right place. At EmailMiners, we help businesses set up a “LinkedIn Lead Generation Machine” that fills their sales funnel with qualified leads to close more deals.

Cold Email Outreach

Cold email outreach is the email campaign sent to potential buyers who has had no prior relationship with you. We assist you with personalized cold email outreach, which helps you convert a stranger to an interested lead. 

Campaign Management

Sales Experts with six years of experience will do campaign Management. These experts will set up Lead Generation Funnel and monitor the campaign closely to get the desired outcome. The campaigns managed by a professional sales developer who has been doing this for the last six-plus years will get the BEST ROI.


Qualified Leads

A qualified lead is a stage when the ideal prospect has shown interest in your services.
We will drive the target audience from prospects to interested leads who want to learn more about the solutions or a meeting or demo. The leads will be handed over to your sales team for 
closing deals.

B2B Company Database

Identifying the likely account for future business is crucial. We’re the b2b lead generation agency to get you the freshest and most accurate company database from your targeted marketplace. We are ready whether you need a 1000 or 10,0000 b2b company database.

Appointment Setting

Appointment Setting is one of the most critical points in the sales funnel. In today’s competitive scenario, you need the most professional yet approachable style to stand out from the ever-growing crowd. We use human intelligence and a sniper-targeted approach to deliver qualified leads.

LinkedIn Lead Generation Service by EmailMiners

Let’s Get Started!

Let’s assume you have a sales team working for you when you focus on closing deals. EmailMiners is your reliable team of sales experts. We work intending to SAVE your Time, Revenue & Resources on sales prospecting and lead qualification.

Focus on CLOSING MORE DEALS than on searching for prospects.

Leads That Convert

Unlike so many of the “b2b lead generation agencies” out there, we don’t provide you with a pre-collected list of leads. We collect new data for each cold outreach campaign and ensure that everything is in line with their requirements.

Pro yet Affordable

Even though we have years of experience and the best tools at our disposal, we’re still very affordable compared to other agencies. This is because our primary focus is satisfying our clients, so they return to us for even more.

Friendly Team

We understand the importance of a good attitude when it comes to business. That’s why you’ll find our whole team to be super-friendly and helpful, so you leave with the satisfaction that your business is bound to go up.


I could do it better in-house, but EmailMiners has helped show me the value of leveraging an outsourced sales partner. I should have hired them soon to have great results.

Jack Lee

Head of Marketing, Space Digital Media

EmailMiners has been a real game-changer for our sales team. In 3 months, they delivered over 40 leads, leading to several high-quality meetings. I highly recommend them for their quality, flexibility, and robust results. 

Debra Becker

Founder & CEO, Debra Coaching

We expect to close multiple sales in the next month-any one of which would represent well over 15x ROI on our investment with EmailMiners. Highly recommend them to businesses looking for a game-changing boost to their sales pipeline.

John Wise

Head of Sales, DataLead

Ready To Make a Real Change?

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