Every sales manager has a decision: pre-qualify prospects or cold call unqualified lists.

It’s no secret that one option is worth the effort, and one is not.

Thankfully, this isn’t a decision you must make when working with EmailMiners to grow your business using qualified B2B leads.

With EmailMiners, your business will:

✔ Save essential time and resources spent on sales prospecting
✔ Start with a list of warm pre-qualified leads for your product or service
✔ Receive guidance and support from an experienced sales team
Improve ROI for your business with a higher close percentage

You don’t have time to waste contacting unqualified prospects, so let us deliver you a
list of high-quality leads ripe for sale.

With hyper-personalized targeting strategies, we can help you maximize the efficiency of your small sales team to grow your business and feel like a winner every day.


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A ‘Quality Over Quantity’ Mindset!

Our competitors would have you believe that their outdated, prebuilt lists are the most effective way to generate qualified sales leads.

At EmailMiners, we disagree with this thinking. Here, we think a fresh, manually gathered targeted lead list prepared with our hyper-targeting process is the only way to go. If you pick up the phone or send a LinkedIn message, we want it to be for a sales win rather than radio silence.

Our sales prospecting strategies have been developed over a decade, following training with top industry sales leaders like John Barrows, Josh Braun, Will Allred, and Kevin Dorsey.  We’ve used their proven thought leadership to build a hyper-personalized targeting method that simply delivers results.

Let us show you how.

How We Can Partner

B2B Lead Generation

Let our lead gen specialists start the sales prospecting process for you, saving you time and valuable resources. Once we have a lead list, we’re confident, your team can relish the taste of sweet sales success.

B2B Sales Prospecting

When we apply our sales prospecting strategy, ensure your sales messages are landing in your ideal prospects inboxes. The result? You’ll reach more future clients in fewer tries.

LinkedIn Lead Generation

Social media is a vast landscape of opportunity, but finding that opportunity takes some strategic thought. Let us build a LinkedIn Lead Generation Machine to fill your pipeline with high-quality prospects.

Cold Email Outreach

Reaching out to strangers via cold email may seem like a low-percentage opportunity, but we’ve repeatedly proven it’s worth the effort. Let us show you a cold email outreach strategy that converts.

Campaign Management

There is a science behind developing a lead generation funnel, and our team of experts has the secret recipe. Let them manage your outbound sales campaigns while you focus on other opportunities.


Qualified Leads

Save time, revenue and resources by delegating cold outreach and lead qualification to our team. We’ll only pass your sales leaders the opportunities ready to schedule a meeting or demo.

B2B Company Database

Identifying the likely account for future business is crucial. We’re the b2b lead generation agency to get you the most accurate company list within your targeted audience. 

Appointment Setting

What’s better than a list of qualified leads? How about a list of meetings on your calendar? Let our team of sales professionals deliver you warm sales leads who are ready to learn more about your product or service.

Why Choose EmailMiners

As an experienced team of lead generation experts, we understand the best ways to help your growing business. We’ve been recognized as a Top Lead Generation Company in 2023. Our hyper-personalized prospecting method is unique to our industry. If you’ve tried other prospecting methods in the past and weren’t successful, it’s time to give EmailMiners a try.

We’re different in the industry because:

  • We understand the value of every lead to your business
  • We take pride in helping you grow your business
  • We work in collaboration toward your goals — not ours
Outsourced Lead Generation and B2B Lead Generation services
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Savings Beyond Compare

 If your sales team is maxed out and looking for ways to ENERGIZE and GAIN EFFICIENCY in their process, then EmailMiners is the solution. Working with EmailMiners will pay dividends for any small business by:

  • SAVING valuable time
  • GENERATING additional revenue
  • SUPPORTING sales resources

What value would you put in keeping your sales leaders happy, improving your sales conversion rates, and using hands-off down sales funnel campaigns?

Our Clients See The Value

I could do it better in-house, but EmailMiners has helped show me the value of leveraging an outsourced sales partner. I should have hired them soon to have great results. Will definitely recommend EmailMiners for lead generation. 

Jack Lee

Head of Marketing, Space Digital Media

EmailMiners has been a real game-changer for our sales team. In 3 months, they delivered over 38 leads, leading to several high-quality meetings. I highly recommend them for their quality, flexibility, and robust results. 

Debra Becker

Founder & CEO, Debra Coaching

I have worked with EmailMiners on multiple occasions, once here at Stellar Menus and once at SlideShop (now kroma.ai). On both occasions, I have been very pleased with the results. I find the team effective, friendly and reliable.

Steven Latasa-Nicks

CEO, Stellar Menus

We expect to close multiple sales in the next month-any one of which would represent well over 15x ROI on our investment with EmailMiners. Highly recommend them to businesses looking for a game-changing boost to their sales pipeline.

John Wise

Head of Sales, DataLead

Tap Into Our Lead Generation Experts

Succeed in Business When You Start With Qualified Leads!

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